Mary. 18. Australia. Fangirl. The Sammy to my Dean.


I dont own the pretty pictures.

FANDOMS: Potterhead. Whovian. Sherlockian. SPN. Nerdfigther. LoTR. Marvel. Starkid/Starship Ranger/Super Friend. Merlinian. Member of the Recon Corps - Captain Levi's Squad. Iwatobi Swim Team - Freestyle swimmer.

BANDOMS: MCR. FOB. Paramore. P!ATD. Green Day. Muse. and many more

SHIPS:Superhusbands. Hawkeye/Black Widow. Johnlock. 10/Rose. 11/Clara. Cherik. Stonefield. Destiel. Merthur. Ereri. Eruri. Jeanmarco.